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Since our inception, Memorable Care
has been focused on transforming facilities to create optimal outcomes for patients.

People.  Every facet of a facility's outcomes begins with its people.  Great people deliver quality outcomes and take pride in doing so with outstanding customer service.  So it makes sense to begin with evaluating a facility's people capital, developing their ability to move forward to a common goal, and creating outcomes that surpass what was previously thought to be possible.

These are the results that we consistently provide.  It begins with leadership and ends with accountability.

Gigi Fergus, MBA, BSN, RN 
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Gigi Fergus is a successful Health Care Executive and Consultant with over 25 years of experience in for-profit and non-profit hospitals and medical centers throughout the U.S. Using a systems design approach, Ms. Fergus has brought about transformation in HCAHPS scores consistently resulting in improvements in facilities she has assisted. She is adept at identifying, developing, and mentoring new leaders through the transformational process to create organizational alignment. Her experience with the accreditation process includes DNV, TJC, CMS, and AOA/HFAP surveys, and she has been acknowledged by surveyors for the action plans she has created ranging from state response to ITL Abatement and response to PDA. Ms. Fergus combines a comprehensive executive management and nursing practice background with numerous achievements in transforming patient safety with a focus on patient experience. She has successfully created organizational cultures that promote patient safety, high reliability, and adherence to regulatory standards in a sustainable and maintainable way.

She formed Memorable Care, a boutique management consultancy firm, specializing in transformational leadership in healthcare facilities with core expertise in cultural, clinical, and financial breakthroughs in distressed and struggling facilities. Recently she partnered with long-time colleague, Debby Renner, PhD, to create MCAC (Memorable Care Accreditation Consulting).

In early 2020, Gigi served as CEO at the Sleep Train Arena - Alternative Care Facility in Sacramento, CA, where she led 300+ healthcare professionals at a COVID-19 field hospital to full operational ability in 7 days.  In late 2020, Gigi served as a Healthcare Executive Consultant for the State of Michigan MDHHS over COVID Alternative Care Site formation where she managed a 40 bed stand-alone facility and developed the concept of the embedded Alternative Care Site model.

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